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  • Splice

    Vincenzo Natali’s Splice, much like the genetically manipulated subject of the film, is a hybrid. Living up to its title, the film splices modern fears about genetics with the traditional monster movie, mixing in elements of a psychological drama and dark comedy for good measure. It is a Frankenstein’s monster of a movie that sometimes lumbers around awkwardly under the strain of all its parts, but ultimately remains a fascinating, original and horrifying beast.

  • Disney in the Dock: A quest for the truth

    Disney is to childhood what e-numbers are to turkey twizzlers. I for one can’t imagine what my formative years would have been like without Uncle Walt’s cartoon critters filling my mind with home-spun, all-American values. Safe to say I probably would have used my own imagination more, but what child wants that when you can just watch Aladdin? Not my 7 year old self – before you could say ‘made in Taiwan’, I had enough Disney related lunchboxes, books and toys to deserve a sponsorship deal.

  • Inception

    Christopher Nolan continues on his one man mission to illustrate that the terms ‘genius’ and ‘blockbuster’ need not be mutually exclusive with his film Inception. A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, tied up with a dream, Inception is a a cinematic puzzle that to solve is to love.

  • I Hate Luv Storys

    Before watching I Hate Luv Storys I was a Bollywood virgin. I was aware of some of its conventions – its vibrancy, its musicality, the way it revels in artifice – but beyond that I was painfully naïve. So, armed with my postage-stamp sized amount of knowledge of Hindi cinema, I set about popping my Bollywood cherry. Sadly, like so many hungover 16 year olds, I find myself instantly regretting this awkward first encounter. Bloated, dull and repetitive, I Hate Luv Storys has nothing to offer beyond reheated romantic clichés from Hollywood and Bollywood alike.