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  • Friday Drinking Game #77 – Robots

    It’s Friday! In honour of the brilliant Robot and Frank, released today, we will be taking a look into the not-so-distant-future (cos if we took a look into the really distant future, it wouldn’t be Friday any more) and getting off our little human faces with the help of some of our non-human friends. Get (Optimus) primed and ready and LET’S  GET PISSED ROBO-STYLE!

  • The Iceman

    Ariel Vromen’s The Iceman sets out to chill and certainly succeeds. It is nothing but cold throughout, and I’m not just referring to Michael Shannon’s relentless, deadpan stare and unfeeling eyes. Genre fans will find a lot to love here.

  • Safe Haven

    Safe Haven has been making a killing at the box office, for reasons we can’t possibly fathom. Badly written, badly acted and generally just bad, this is the number one film to stay away from this week…