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  • Baron Cohen Faces $110 Million Lawsuit

    $110 million is a lot of money to ask from a man famous for gay jokes and saying “boo-yakasha” in a yellow suit. But if you’d been unfairly branded a terrorist in a film that was seen by millions around the globe, you’d probably be pretty cheesed off too.

  • Aniston in Pretend Wife: Let The Underwhelming Begin

    You may well find yourself groaning numerous times as you read through this no-news, as there’s absolutely nothing enticing, exciting, or even mildly amusing about any aspect of it. It’s just one of those things that’ll make you lose faith in humanity that teensy little bit more. Who says you get nothing for free online?

  • Spidey 4 Villains Take Flight

    Looks like the villains for the hotly anticipated Spider-Man 4 have managed to leak online. Movieline has reported that we’re to be treated to a feathered duo knocking heads with the webslinger sometime in 2011. Since the end of the disappointingly messy Spider-Man 3, rumours have been flying about concerning which of his menagerie of villains would be popping up next.

  • Baby Bowie Wins Best Directorial Debut

    40 years after his dad released ‘Space Oddity’, David Bowie’s son is making his own name in sci-fi with his film Moon. The rather sensibly named Duncan Jones won not only Best Picture, but Best Directorial Debut at the British Independent Film Awards this year, showing that talent certainly runs in the family.

  • Di Caprio To Star As Jack Frost

    No one who watched Titanic could forget the image of Leo Di Caprio sinking to his icy death. It seems that now, there’s no fear of any of us forgetting that picture. Leo is to star in a new animated feature The Guardians as Jack Frost, the traditional folk-lore bringer of ice.