TGIM! East London Film Festival / BFI Christopher Nolan Season

Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer (ok, it’s raining) by the East London Film Festival! The festival programme starts tomorrow and whether you are looking to just sit back and relax with a film or get stuck in and get a bit hands on, there is something for everyone.

The festival boasts a wide ranging programme from ‘Build your own Wallace and Gromit’ with veteran model maker Jim Parkyn (Aardaman Animations) where the aim is to set the world record for most Gromits made in one day, through to independent film and documentary screenings.

Most excitingly on Saturday 7th July there will be an outdoor screening of Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror that starts at sundown (oooooohhh…) The 1922 silent movie is being reVAMPed (see what I did there) with a new musical score by Minima, which will be totally improvised on the night. Yeah, we had never heard of them either. The band has been together since 2006 and they compose music for new movies as well as improvising scores for classics. They get great reviews so chances are it should be pretty good. Also on the night, Spitalfields Market will be transformed into an immersive, vampire world, with shadows and silhouettes on every wall and the Queldryk Choral Ensemble providing some eerie, Gothic chanting.

Directed by F.W Murnau, Nosferatu is one of the greatest examples of German expressionism and is still eerie and frightening today. It boasts a fantastic turn by Max Schreck as the vampire Count Orlok who has the munchies for human blood. Sounds good? Well here is the best bit…it’s totally free! Bring blankets and pillows with you (and as this is summertime, an umbrella) and get your scare on.

Also this week there is a Christopher Nolan festival of delights on at the BFI. It was fourteen years ago that Nolan made his first feature film and to celebrate this the BFI are screening the entire body of Nolan’s work all the way from Following through to Inception. If you missed any of them then now is the time to act! It will be interesting to see how Nolan developed from making a micro budget, black and white thriller which stars all of his friends (as he couldn’t afford anyone else) to Christian Bale mega hit Batman Begins and beyond. Christopher Nolan may have removed all of the POWs and SMACKs out of Batman but he has given us back some fantastic films and many hours of excellent cinema time which are not just mindless entertainment, but have complex and diverse story lines and yes…let’s face it, hours and hours of hunky nut job, Christian ‘I’m going to fucking kick your fucking ass’ Bale.

Many delights in store this week to cheer you up. So stop complaining about the weather!

For more information and bookings check out the EEFF and BFI sites.

Will you be visiting one of this week’s film events? Let us know below!

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