Another Skyfall teaser trailer

There are so many questions buzzing around our heads here at BFF today and pretty much all of them have been raised by the new Skyfall teaser trailer. Questions like ‘will Ralph Fiennes only be speaking in ridiculous run on sentences in the new film?’. And ‘why does Bond appear to be having a fight on top of the train to Hogwarts?’.

Just watch this:

Most importantly of all though, IS M ACTUALLY GIVING THE ORDER FOR ANOTHER AGENT TO ASSASSINATE BOND? Could this be the end of the 00 or, like Pierce Brosnan before him, does Craig have a bombastically tacky Union Jack parachute up his sleeve? We’ve already seen said parachute in action at the Olympic opening ceremony… coincidence? [Yes. – Ed] Still, the teaser trailer is good at doing what it is supposed to – tease – and it doesn’t need to do so for long, as the official full length version is released online later today! Hurrah! The full version will undoubtedly pose even more questions… but hopefully in nice short sentences (Fiennes, take note). Less talk, more action please!

Skyfall is out in the UK on October 26th. Will you be watching?

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