Bourne's Aaron Cross to stay for time being

The next installment of the the Bourne films hasn’t even arrived on our screens yet but there is already news that role-snatching Renner (to give him his full name) is set to stick around as Aaron Cross for the foreseeable future.

And that’s the end of the news! No, seriously, the rest of the information is so ambiguous that it is hard to make out what the hell is going on. Apparently Matt Damon may also make a comeback too… All we do know is that unless The Bourne Legacy is a mega box office flop (not very likely) there will be a fifth film coming along in the next few years. Producer Frank Marshall said: “We’re gonna follow Jeremy’s character. Everything else is wide open.” Helpful, huh? With all of the energy it takes to speak you wonder why he bothered to say anything at all.

Renner followed suit with the ‘why bother at all’ statements saying: “As far as the future, I’m excited that the architects and the creators behind this whole thing have cleverly left it wide open for fans like myself to wonder what’s going to go on next.” We feel very informed now, Jezza. Thanks for that.

It is still far too early to tell if Renner is going to make a convincing Aaron Cross to rival Matt Damon’s Bourne, but we are sure that media studies students will be writing essays about it not too far from now. The Bourne Legacy opens in the UK on the 13th August. Who knows what will happen after that!

Jeremy Renner or Matt Damon? Perhaps too soon to tell…tell us your thoughts!

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