Julian Renner to be Jeremy Assange, or something like that

Hiding out in embassies and being on the run from the long arm of the law? No, it is not another news story about The Bourne Legacy, but the latest on trying to get naughty-boy Julian Assange’s story to the big screen.

WikiLeaks: The Movie has been trying to get off the ground now for a long time and producers have decided that the kinda-likeness between Renner and Assange (just ignore Assange’s ‘vacuous shade’ of blonde hair) is as good a reason for any for wanting Renner to star and apparently the actor is keen to do it. Producers have also approached Twilight director, Bill Condon to take charge of the film. Condon has just completed The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and knows a thing or two about monsters in society.

Julian Assange is still on the run and trying to stop his extradition to Sweden where he is wanted on a rape charge. Perhaps making a movie out of the scourge of society and glorifying them is a bad idea, then again The Social Network did quite well (and was really very good). All filming will have to wait until the Assange situation is a bit more settled, but if this film does ever go ahead then we think Jeremy Renner would be great in the main role. He played a heartless man who felt he was on the outside of society already in The Hurt Locker so why can’t he do it again?

Wouldn’t WikiLeaks: The Musical! be so much better? Let us know!

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