Resident Evil: Retribution gets handy recap trailer

The undead have gone global on us whilst we weren’t looking. Honestly though no one has been looking, and now here we are at a fifth film with game makers already working on a sixth. How far an one plot be dragged out? Resident Evil is the film equivalent of a Mr. Stretch toy. The first Resident Evil film came out ten years ago and there has been a whole lot of zombie killing going on since then. Because the studio making the franchise are well aware that no one else has been watching any of the series either, they have made a quick recap trailer for us before Resident Evil: Retribution is released.

So, what’s been going on then? Well, it looks like a lot of people have died, come back to life, got the munchies and managed to blow some shit up. And something about an umbrella too that sounds pretty nasty. Maybe it’s like a really extreme version of the umbrella test men whinge about at the doctors… Since our own world is in a bit of a corporate mess, films obviously have to reflect this and so Mila Jovovitch is getting kicky with a big empire hell bent on destroying the world. Why? Well, we don’t actually know.

There seems to be a lot of the same stuff repeated over and over in this trailer. Matrix-esque world, corridors made of lighting panels, black catsuits… Even though we haven’t been watching since Resident Evil in 2002 it doesn’t seem that much has changed. Except that Jovovitch sensibly no longer wears little red dresses to work.

If you are interested then Resident Evil: Retribution hits cinemas soon on the 28th September. Great news for fans…just any other day in the calendar for the rest of us.

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