Yet more posters for Marvel Avengers Assemble

With just two months or thereabouts remaining until the release of Marvel Avengers Assemble, likely to go down in history as the best superhero film ever to survive such a shit retitling, Marvel has unaccountably churned out some more posters of the titular superLADs (and the pop-eyed breaster, who continues to be radically pointless). And here they are! The new images tell us absolutely nothing except that Hawkeye and the Hulk really enjoy rubbing their backs together (the flights on Hawkeye’s arrows get that tricky spot right under the shoulderblade that Bruce Banner can’t manage to scratch when he’s all big and green), and that Captain America still wears his helmet more than Iron Man although it’s much less good. Iron Man should be ashamed – we know it’s not quite “finish your sprouts, children are starving in Africa”, but there’s no need to rub your superior headgear in Cap’s face and then not even bother to wear it. Also, Black Widow has excellent hair and breasts, so thank god for that.

Click to make them MASSIVE like Thor’s conspicuous and entirely unexplained absence:


D’you know what, Joss? We’ve probably had enough posters. Just give us the film…

Would you want Black Widow by your side in a vicious bitchfight with Loki? Obviously not.

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