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  • Best Comedy Films 2004

    Best of the Year is back, and this time we’re looking back almost a decade (Christ, can you believe Mean Girls is nine years old?) to the bright comedy lights of 2004, a golden age for charmingly stupid films with Ben Stiller in. Although we haven’t included Meet the Fockers, because it’s awful.

  • Top 10 Zoos in Movies

    To celebrate the release of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, which continues the adventures of the escaped zoo animals as they traverse another continent on their journey home, we thought we would delve into the cinematic archives to relive the greatest movies and moments that took place in and around zoos. And it turns out, they’re as varied as they are memorable! So come on in. We won’t even charge you £300 entry (plus an obligatory £50 donation) like a real zoo!

  • TGIM! Pop Up Screens and BFI Japanese Season

    It’s another Monday and you know what that means boys and girls! Yep, that’s right TGIM! A slightly bizarre combination this week, but slightly bizarre is what we here at BFF love the most. Why not start the week with a few post-war made Japanese classic movies and end it with a bit of Ghostbusters? Please tell you some more about it? Oh OK then, since you asked so nicely.