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  • The Big Uneasy

    A documentary that simultaneously makes you despair at and exalt in the capacity of our fellow man, The Big Uneasy is an absolute must-watch. Uncovering the real story behind the New Orleans disaster of 2005, it’s a tale of government blunders, buried reports and continuing oversights that culminate in a conclusion far more terrifying than any Hollywood thrill ride. It’s just a shame that John Goodman keeps interrupting.

  • This Is It

    Kenny Ortega’s offering of behind the scenes footage, however lukewarm it might be, gives us a tiny glimpse of an artist who affected popular music like few have ever before. Michael Jackson always said, “I want to start where everyone else would end”. The film doesn’t do enough justice to his musical and choreographic brilliance – it might be called ‘This Is It’ but we know that this is definitely not. Michael Jackson’s legacy will live on forever.

  • Mugabe and the White African

    There are few stories more tragic amongst the continuingly unstable African political landscape than that of Zimbabwe. This heartbreaking new documentary by Andrew Thompson and Lucy Bailey is a portrait of a local family under siege as a result of Robert Mugabe’s regime, this time through the eyes of an oft-overlooked category of victims – the white African. It’s a rare filmmaking triumph that makes it impossible to turn away from the injustice of life in this harrowing country.