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  • Murder By Decree

    The unsolved mystery regarding the identity of Jack the Ripper has plagued mankind for decades. You know who might have stood a shot at solving it? Sherlock Holmes. Cue ‘Murder By Decree’, which tosses the famous detective into the fray and gives us an elementary solution to the unsolvable murders…

  • The Eagle

    A Roman officer travels on a quest into a dangerous realm beyond the known world (Scotland) to regain the Eagle standard of the lost Ninth Legion who were most likely slaughtered by the same fearsome northern tribes he will have to fight. This is an adequate action film with some breathtaking scenery (and actors), but we have come to expect more from director Kevin Macdonald and it doesn’t live up to the best of the genre.

  • The Mechanic

    The Mechanic is a remake of the slovenly ‘72 film starring Charles Bronson as a conflicted assassin. Substitute the unflappable Bronson for a wooden Jason Statham, add a Louisiana setting and blues soundtrack, and you have a Statham vehicle whose only redeeming value is the wonderful Ben Foster.

  • Astroboy: DVD Review

    Astro Boy is the classic tale of a young boy trying to get along with the cards life gives him. Making friends, getting by and generally having a good old time, he’s just like you and me. The only difference is that this kid is a robot. And some people want to kill the death out of him. It’s a futuristic Pinnocchio-inspired CGI romp, and whilst it has a lot to recommend it, ultimately there’s not a lot of human heart beating behind it.