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  • RA. One

    ‘Wait. What? What is, what is going on? Is that a robot? Oh. Hang on. They’re dancing now. And singing! Where did those ladies in bikinis come from? Oh my god! Is he – is he dead? This is so sad! And touching and – wait. Intermission?’ My brain, the whole way through this film.

  • Top 20 Comedies to See in 2012

    Wondering what to fill your days with in 2012? We recommend some light viewing, considering the world will probably be over then. Here are our best and worst for next year. Prepare to be angry, then a little happy, then quite confused, and then happy again.

  • Hall Pass

    The Farrelly Brothers don’t pull out any stops in this comedy about two men let off the marriage leash for a week. One or two laughs aside, there is not enough genuinely fresh material here to feed a mouse, with gags that feel like they’ve been dragged out of a dusty archive. And Stephen Merchant? Shame on you. Go back home and make us a new show to atone for this terrible decision.