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  • Friday Drinking Game #51 – Indiana Jones

    This Friday, contrary to what you may believe, is a Friday different to any other. Not because it’s Friday the 13th, but because today is the day Harrison Ford turns 70. Yes. Seventy whole years ago on this hallowed day, before Gary Oldman’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy even got a look in, the original badass multi-tasker was born. So come on in and raid our lost ark for your dignity as we raise a glass or seven for the inimitable Indiana Jones in this week’s Friday Drinking Game.

  • Friday Drinking Game #50: Superhero Films

    Get cape. Wear cape. Vomit. That is the heroic mission of this week’s Friday Drinking Game – with Marvel churning out so many bloody brilliant superhero films lately, we at BFF Towers are all feeling pretty super ourselves for getting through it all. So super, in fact, that we would like to make like Tony Stark and have a bloody drink or five. As well as a leggy blonde of our choice.

  • Friday Drinking Game #49 – Men In Black

    Ah, Friday. It’s the end of a long week and we bet you haven’t even seen any aliens, you poor sad shmuck – well, not any that you’d remember anyway. Suspicious? WE THINK SO! Time to brush up on the alien know-how, not to mention celebrate the release of Men In Black 3, with our very own memory deletion device – alcohol.

  • Friday Drinking Game #48 – Post-Apocalyptic Films

    Today heralds the release of post-nuclear war horror flick The Divide. In order to celebrate its arrival onto our screens, BFF brings you a drinking game that will help you forget about the fact that your hair is falling out in clumps (because of the radiation) and that there’s a ton of zombies hammering at your door hungry to eat your brains or whatever.

  • Friday Drinking Game #47 – Home Alone

    You wake up one morning, only to discover that your parents have abandoned you in the homestead to fend for yourself. And at Christmastime no less! What now? If you were Kevin McAllister, you’d fearlessly defend yourself and your domicile against the invading hordes. But you’re not, so crack open mama’s special Grand Marnier and drink until your retinas detach.

  • Friday Drinking Game #45 – Dance Movies

    You just got served… a drink! In celebration of StreetDance 2 hitting our screens this weekend, we’ve gathered up our fave ever dance flicks, along with plenty of delicious alcohol, and decided to dance like no one’s watching. Except they are. They’re watching and they’re judging and they’re doing shots depending on how it all goes down…

  • Friday Drinking Game #44 – Dystopian Worlds

    It’s 2012. The planets are aligning; if you glance upwards into a star-filled sky, you’ll see Venus, Jupiter and Mars are all visible. If you read the Daily Mail, you’ll know that a “Death Star” has been seen “refueling” at the surface of the Sun (genuine news story). And, if you’re awesome, you’ll know that dystopian epic “The Hunger Games” is hitting cinemas everywhere. End of the world? Time for a drink then…

  • Friday Drinking Game #43: Buddy Cop Movies

    To celebrate the release of the surprisingly lark-worthy 21 Jump Street, we’ve decided to spend the evening getting drunk to the best ever supremely awful protectors of citizens world-wide. Grab yourself a beer, Bad Boys 2 and someone you despise (but will come to depend on) – there are cannons en-route, and boy are they ever loose.

  • Friday Drinking Game #42: Bird Films

    No, no – not films with women in them. That would be silly. Instead, to celebrate the release of mumbling Jonny Cusack’s Edgar Allan Poe biopic (loosest use of the term) The Raven, we’ll be turning our attention to appearances made by our feathered friends on the big screen. To paraphrase Peter Pan “Being drunk is the happiest thing! It’s the same as having wings!”