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  • Friday Drinking Game #2 – Back to the Future

    It’s a Friday! And you know what that means – it’s time to punish your liver for being such a bastard. If you don’t have solid evidence that your liver is a bastard, just take a leaf out of the Met’s book and assume that it is because at least one other liver somewhere, sometime, was. What about those goose livers, eh? Fat, lazy bumders. We hate livers almost as much as the police hate students! And there’s only one way to bring together those two very disparate loathings – a drinking game.

  • Friday Drinking Game #1 – Period Films

    TGIF!!! In celebration of the week’s natural end, we’ve decided to make this day all about the alcohol. We’ve got the drunken, ill-informed Friday Face/Off, and now we’ve got our Friday drinking game. Grab some friends (or do it on your own, if you feel so inclined), get the Lambrini lined up, and consider yourself sozzled.