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  • Friday Face/Off: Zack Snyder

    Do you think Zack Snyder is a visual pioneer or just a big kid who likes a good fight? Whatever your opinions are it doesn’t matter! Because we have two highly stubborn gits to fight it out and sort out this Zack Snyder issue once and for all.

  • Friday Face/Off: Tim Burton

    Ah, Tim Burton. It seems everyone’s got an opinion on the pseudo-gothic king of whimsical romantic fantasy – whether you worship his early work and abominate Alice in Wonderland, prefer his more straightforward films (Planet of the Apes, anyone?) or just want to see more dead women getting married, it’s hard to stay neutral. With that sentiment ever at the forefront of our minds, we’ve had a bit of a row.

  • Friday Face/Off: Mel Gibson

    We love Fridays – the scent of a hard-day’s-nonsensing is in the air, the forgiving underpants are calling and team BFF are constantly on the verge of nervous, untrustworthy smiles. What else is there to do then, but to have a big argument? This week, we’re debating Mel Gibson – the life and times of. What’s your stance?

  • Friday Face/Off: Dance Films

    Is it time for the lovely relaxing weekend yet? Is it hell; you know the rules, nobody gets to go home until two of Best For Film’s crankiest writers (and none of us boast what you might call a sunny disposition) have it out on a contentious topic. This week it’s dance films; where do you stand?

  • Friday Face/Off: Period films

    Friday has rolled around once again (legitimate booze time, yay!) which means it’s time for a Friday Face/Off. The meat thrown into the tiger pit today for our two eager writers to wrestle over is the contentious Period Drama genre. Do you adore Austen and go ecstatic for Eliot? Or does Pride and Prejudice make you want to punch Lizzie and the Bennets to the back of the 18th century? Well, decide what you will; this is what our scribes have to say…

  • Friday Face/Off: Hobbits

    Hobbits, eh? You either love ’em or you want to set fire to the filthy matted hair on top of their knobbly feet – and if you don’t subscribe to either of those positions then ssh, because they’re sort of the cornerstone of this whole blog. Master debaters Tash and John are going head to head in a bit to decide whether or not the Shire should be burnt to the ground.

  • Friday Face/Off: Owen Wilson

    This week, we look at funny man Owen Wilson. Is he laugh out loud brilliant, or an irritating, over-rated lad in need of a nose job? Should he and the rest of the ‘Frat Pack’ stop hurting our eyes and affronting our senses, or do they deserve awards for out of the box originality? The defence and prosecution have their say.

  • Friday Face/Off: Harrison Ford

    Is Harrison Ford a grumpy dull bore with a flabby face or an action supremo in need of some Oscars? It seems here at Best For Film we fall into two camps- those that love, those that hate. Read on for a fully fledged, sort of educated rant and let us know who you agree with.

  • Friday Face/Off: Remakes

    The world of film is awash with Marmite topics – actors, genres or even cinematic styles which make some movie-goers dampen their plush seats and others tear the stuffing from the punter in front. In our J’accuse series, two of Best For Film’s writers go head-to-head and debate a controversial aspect of cinema. This time round it’s the worst nightmare of every indie Japanese director – the Hollywood remake.