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  • 10 Superhero films to see in 2011

    ‘Nevermore’, cried Poe’s raven. Something of a film critic, he was talking of the glut of vampire films in 2010. Will our grumpy naysayer feel the same way the same of upcoming superhero films this year? You decide. We cherry-pick 10 superhero films to see in 2011…

  • Major Rumour: Batman 3 to feature Killer Croc?

    Christopher Nolan’s untitled follow up to The Dark Knight has been drawing headlines with the news that shooting is set to begin in Louisiana in April. The common supposition for the location choice is that Warner Bros. very much enjoyed the tax breaks they got when shooting Green Lantern there earlier this year. But could there be another, more reptilian, reason?

  • Jon Tenney is Green Lantern’s Dad

    The casting news for the upcoming DC Comics Green Lantern film continues to come thick and fast. Ryan Reynolds may be playing Green Lantern Hal Jordan, but who – you cry – is playing Hal Jordan’s dad?? Well worry no longer Lantern fans – Jon Tenney, star of US Cop drama The Closer is now confirmed as playing Martin H Jordan.

  • Warner Bros Get 3D Mania

    It seems that the letters ‘3D’ have taken on serious money-making significance for film-makers everywhere. Warner Bros has announced that their next few films – including Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, Clash Of The Titans and Harry Potter – will all be given the 3D treatment.

  • Cinema Preview: 29th January – 5th February

    Looking for a box office blast, or avoiding a bomb? We look forward to all the upcoming releases including Edge of Darkness, Invictus, Precious, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, Adoration, Youth in Revolt and what looks like the utterly terrible Astro Boy. You can’t go wrong with our patented anticipation-o-meter!

  • No Sinestro for Green Lantern Movie?

    Green Lantern villain announced! It’s Hector Hammond, played by Jarhead actor Peter Sarsgaard. Mutated by a strange meteorite into a mute telepathic psycho with a massive head, Hammond is set to encounter Ryan Reynold’s Hal Jordan when filming begins this March.

  • Directorial Flap Over Birds Remake

    Not content with desecrating the legacy of such horror classics as The Wicker Man, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hitchcock’s own Psycho, Hollywood is now setting out to turn The Birds into yet another lifeless, pointless, remake.