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  • Truth or Dare

    Truth or dare? Think carefully about your choice, especially if the person asking you is a gun-wielding, ex-army, gay-hating lunatic. The bad guy in Robert Heath’s new horror is all of these, as well as being a David Tennant lookalike with a posh voice and a lot more money than sense. This is yet another addition to the oversaturated low budget Brit Horror genre and it seems that British horror writers’ love affair with sex, death and drug-taking kids is sadly far from over. If you fancy a laugh then Truth or Dare is a good choice… unfortunately all of the laughs are unintentional.

  • Demons Never Die

    Eight angsty teenagers decide to kill themselves together. Then someone starts murdering them. Then one of them decides to kill the others. Then the slasher who isn’t the guy who decided to kill everyone strikes again but he might be all in the goth girl’s head. Then Asher D from So Solid Crew turns up. Confused? Yeah…