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  • Philomena

    Steven’s review comes, as ever, hot off the presses of his marvellous website Make it your next stop. Having lost his job as an advisor to the Labour government, journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) is looking to write a book on Russian history. Instead, he finds himself embroiled in the extraordinary story of Philomena…

  • Monday Face/Off: Judi Dench

    To frantically detract attention from Run For Your Wife, out in about three cinemas now, we’re devoting this week’s Face/Off to the extra who landed the unappealing role of ‘Bag Lady’ in Danny Dyer’s latest attack on cinema. Except that it wasn’t an extra, was it? It was Dame Judi Dench. John and Ray are sharpening their tongues and preparing for (completely civil, typed) battle, so pick a side and join in…

  • Top 10 improvised lines in films

    Some days it feels like every ruddy actor out there is getting on set and making shit up. With all of the apocryphal stories about improvised lines and made up scenes you begin to wonder why Hollywood still needs screenwriters at all. Normally these tales are 100% bull. And no matter how many times Dustin Hoffman says he made up the “I’m walking here!” line we all know that he really didn’t. Every now and then though something comes along that just feels real. So here are the best, non-surgically enhanced wowza lines in cinema history. (Hello Boys! Yeah, they’re real.)