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  • Monday Mash-Up – Superherorgy #4!

    In accordance with the law of diminishing returns, the Superherorgy Mash-Up is much harder to create than were the Super 8 Mash-Up or the classic Mash-Up before it. In fact, it’s become so difficult to find superhero body parts that this week we’ve had to go off-piste and choose some genuinely obscure heroes. Good luck…

  • Monday Mash-Up – Superherorgy #2!

    It’s week two of our SUPERHERORGY, and we’re looking for sidekicks! Think you’ve got what it takes to inexpertly ram some chunks of superhero together and put them on a cloudy backdrop? Send your creations to and the best one will grace this very blog next week!

  • Monday Mash-Up – Superherorgy #1!

    With the release of Super 8 finally in the past, we felt we needed to revamp the Monday Mash-Up once more. So for your delectation, we present the first in a series of at least one attempt(s) at mashing up some of your favourite superheroes (and villains) – it’s the SUPERHERORGY!

  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #8!

    With less than a fortnight to go until the release of Super 8, we’re taking our monsters old school and looking to the enormous repertoire of national treasure Roald Dahl for inspiration. Our latest creation is running riot in Dahl’s hometown of Cardiff – see how many of its parents you can guess…

  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #6!

    With less than a month to go until Super 8 bursts onto our screens, we’ve been wondering what sort of monsterLAD could kick through the side of a train. Maybe we haven’t been thinking mechanically enough… See if you can guess all of today’s mash-up components!

  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #5!

    It’s week five of our Super 8 Mash-Up challenge, and we’re worried that we’re making things a bit too easy for you. So brace yourselves, mother-fluffers – this week there are TWO monsters, each more mashed up than ever before. Didn’t expect that, did you? No, you didn’t. ZING!

  • Monday Mash-Up – Super 8 Edition #4!

    With just a few weeks to go until the release of Super 8, we really need to pick up the pace if we’re going to crack the monster mystery. So, like monster hunters including Gabriel Van Helsing and Allan Quatermain (and possibly some who aren’t from dire fantasy films), we’ve headed to Paris in search of THE CREATURE…