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  • Hotel Transylvania

    In a month that’s already overcrowded with supernatural themed animations, Hotel Transylvania is the runt of the litter. Frantic, over-manic direction, a severe dearth of laughs and a predictable plot are bad enough, but when you factor in Adam Sandler trampling all over proceedings and doing another Stupid Fucking Voice, then you’ve really got problems.

  • How to win the Jameson Empire’s Done In 60 Seconds Awards: a foolproof guide

    So last night we were lucky and drunk enough to attend the finals of the Jameson Empire’s Done In 60 Second Short Film competition – where short film-makers from around the world compete to distill a Hollywood blockbuster into a 60 second gem. The finalists were announced, the whiskey flowed freely and Chris O’Dowd said “I cum lego” like four times; a great evening was had by all. But how does one go about creating a short-list worthy entry? We were determined to find out.