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  • 6 Plots

    Described by its makers as a thriller and viewed by the rest of the world as a horror, 6 Plots manages to be neither thrilling or horrific. Don’t get your hopes up either that there will be multiple (or indeed 6) plot lines in this film. There’s barely enough script to make one.

  • Salute

    The 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games were virtually eclipsed by an extraordinary image, one which has stood the test of time to become an instantly recognisable symbol of the civil rights battles of the 60s – two black athletes giving the infamous Black Power salute from the winners’ dais. But who was the white man standing beside them? Salute offers a truly fascinating insight into the greatest humanitarian you’ve never heard of.

  • Wasted On The Young

    Wasted On The Young is a tense high school drama about sex, drugs and the unfortunate world of high school hierarchy. If you hate the bright, colourful, cutesy-poo teen flicks that we are regularly faced with, then this will be a welcome change.