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  • Jack the Giant Slayer

    It’s been 18 years since Bryan Singer launched his career with the neo-noir The Usual Suspects. Nowadays, his name has come to be more synonymous with the comic-book conversion, having garnered success with two X-Men movies and the slightly less thrilling Superman Returns. Both blended the mechanics of live action with the art of CGI, so the man certainly has enough experience within this form. As such it would only be natural for him to turn those talents loose on the family-friendly fairy-tale.

  • Warm Bodies

    Up until now, decaying corpses haven’t had the same glamour as Dracula and his ilk (frankly, whoever’s been in charge of zombie PR has been doing a rotten job), but this could be set to change as Warm Bodies sets out to do for zombies what the T-word did for vampires – make loads of cash from teenage girls.