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  • The Curse Of The Best Actress Oscar

    One minute you’re basking in rapturous applause, gratefully clasping the most coveted of all tiny golden men, and the next, well, you’re teaming up with Ashton Kutcher for yet another kooky road comedy. We explore the terrifying curse of the Best Actress Oscar, and pay homage to those poor souls struck down…

  • Just Go With It

    A searing, ironic and deeply unsettling expose of modern society and the values it trumpets; it could be that the seminal Just Go With It succeeds in unpacking the dark issues of our control state that George Orwell’s 1984 failed to address. Or else I just paid ten pounds for an guided tour of Adam “I’m young, I SWEAR IT” Sandler’s wank bank. Tricky.

  • Rabbit Hole

    This film adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire’s play Rabbit Hole has got Oscar-pleaser written all over it; Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart delivering an acting tour de force, a fantastic screen play, and even a soundtrack that’s beautifully sensitive. But then why does Rabbit Hole only have one Oscar nomination, and no awards to it’s name?

  • Cheat Sheet: Aaron Eckhart

    This week’s cheat sheet features everyone’s favourite Ken doll, Aaron Eckhart. Somewhat passed over in Hollywood, performances in The Dark Knight and Thank You for Smoking, along with a jawline that rivals Sophie Ellis-Bextor, have ensured him a spot in the Best for Film fan club.

  • Nine

    Rob Marshall’s Nine is set in an ultra chic 1960s Rome. Daniel Day Lewis stars as Guido Contini, a troubled Italian film-maker who after a string of cinematic flops, has ten days to go before shooting his long awaited movie Italia. What’s troubling him? Women of course. Women in the form of Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman and Marion Cotillard to name but a few…