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  • Smashed

    Alcoholism on film is a difficult subject and more often than not we are presented with characters whose lives feel million miles away from our own. Smashed is a film that presents you with something more refreshing, a hard look at how easy it is to go from being a Friday night drinker to a hopeless drunk. With some lively dialogue and great performances somehow Smashed manages to drunkenly stumble pass the emotional connection and leaves you feeling a tad hungover by the end.

  • Oscar 2012 Nominations

    THEY’RE HERE! The nominations for the 84th Academy Awards have been released, and as we predicted The Artist has basically bagsied all the categories like a fat greedy child in a tuckshop. Standard.

  • The Help

    Look, racism is bad, no matter what you say. We’re treading familiar ground with this well-coiffed and rather saccharine exploration of 60s Mississippi, but lovely performances and brisk plotting just about make The Help worth a watch. A word of warning: you’ll want fried chicken after. No-one said you’d feel good about that.