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  • Jack Goes Boating

    Philip Seymour Hoffman brings us a tale about love, loss and life that tries its very best to hop on the first train to Quirksville. Unfortunately, it misses its connection, tries to take a boat instead, gets lost and ends up deep in the Uncanny Valley.

  • The Ides of March

    INSIGHT ALERT: politics can sometimes be a bit of a mucky business. There. Everyone was thinking it, but God knows it had never been articulated before George Clooney bravely blew the cobwebs off our antiquated belief that politicians are all selfless good guys working for the benefit of Joe Q. Public. The Ides of March is snappy and competent, but its hackneyed ‘message’ is dated beyond belief.

  • The Dilemma of Selling Out

    As a rule, sellout films usually contain a colon and/or a number. We’re looking at you, Speed 2: Cruise Control. Yet, the definition of a ‘sellout’ is tricky, because producers are very good at making shit smell like roses, and before you know it you’re on the set of National Treasure: Book of Secrets. When you see a film and think, ‘what the devil is Globey McOscar doing in this?!’ we’ve got the three reasons behind their decision to sell their soul.

  • Doubt

    Catholic schools. Priests. Sexual abuse allegations. Does this equal a film we’d want to see? Probably not. At best, it would be dull, at worst quite disturbing. Nevertheless, given the Oscar hype surrounding this adaptation of John Patrick Shanley’s play last year, we decided it couldn’t be that bad. In fact, this 1960’s-set drama centring around a nun’s mission to prove a progressive priest guilty of sexual abuse of a student turned out to be quite a unique and thought-provoking film experience.