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  • Cheat Sheet: Richard Gere

    Richard Gere seems intent on re-inventing himself. After years of being the romantic leading man, Gere has switched gears (Gere/gears… get it?… ummm… never mind) and has scrounged up every role that can leave him in any kind of villainous light. Trust us when we say that his name WILL come up at some point during your lifetime so it’s best to be well-prepared with our handy-dandy cheat sheet!

  • Arbitrage

    Arbitrage is the feature directorial debut of writer Nicholas Jareck about successful hedge-fund manager Robert Miller and the consequences he must face when honesty is no longer an option. Richard Gere is on top form is a film about the morality of finance in post-crash America.

  • Movie 43

    Movie 43 may already be the most derided film of all time, and it’s only been in the cinema for less than a week. It’s an ‘anthology film’ of thirteen or more (depending on how you count) short, non-related comedy sketches directed by various different people. We decided to check it out and reflect on what, if anything, it could all mean.

  • Top 10 improvised lines in films

    Some days it feels like every ruddy actor out there is getting on set and making shit up. With all of the apocryphal stories about improvised lines and made up scenes you begin to wonder why Hollywood still needs screenwriters at all. Normally these tales are 100% bull. And no matter how many times Dustin Hoffman says he made up the “I’m walking here!” line we all know that he really didn’t. Every now and then though something comes along that just feels real. So here are the best, non-surgically enhanced wowza lines in cinema history. (Hello Boys! Yeah, they’re real.)

  • Very Lost In Translation: the 5 US remakes we didn’t need

    With David Fincher’s remake/adaptation of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo about to hit our screens, and the rumour mill about an English adaptation of the Old Boy going into overdrive, we thought it was the perfect time to remind everyone of the horrors of Getting The Remake Wrong. There are many, many re-workings that never should have been attempted, but heck we’re all busy, so in the name of convenience we’ve handily we’ve whittled it down to the top 5 we’ll never forgive…