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  • Cheat Sheet: Mila Kunis

    Is that Emma Stone I see before me? Oh no, wait. It’s Mila Kunis, Stone’s more Ukranian lookalike. You have to admit that these two girls are pretty similar (we won’t say who we think is better…Stone…) and yet so different in many ways. Mila Kunis is actually a good-ish actress, she clearly has a sense of humour and seems like a pretty nice gal. But where did this young minx spring up from? Mila Kunis seems to have cemented herself firmly into Hollywood these days and has taken over from other young starlets as the number one go to person for sex appeal. Whilst this is normally a cause for instant dislike we are for some reason oddly drawn to Mila. Come with us on a magical journey into Mila Kunis. Into Mila Kunis’ WORLD. Sorry, we got a little carried away there. Mila Kunis’ world…

  • Ted

    Everybody has a childhood toy that they loved. Some of you may still have yours at home somewhere, loved so much that fur has worn off, eyes are missing and heads are dangling by a thread like some kind of Anne Boleyn mess. But what if your Teddy was alive, what then? Well, you would probably be sitting around smoking dope with him and chatting about sex. Or so Seth McFarlane would have you believe anyway. Ted is a fuzzy rom-com which starts the right way but is ultimately more fluffy than it is funny.