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  • TGIM! Pop Up Screens and BFI Japanese Season

    It’s another Monday and you know what that means boys and girls! Yep, that’s right TGIM! A slightly bizarre combination this week, but slightly bizarre is what we here at BFF love the most. Why not start the week with a few post-war made Japanese classic movies and end it with a bit of Ghostbusters? Please tell you some more about it? Oh OK then, since you asked so nicely.

  • Top 10 Indie Film Clichés

    Indie films, you say? What, consistent characteristics being that they are independently made, with low budgets and unknown actors, directors and writers? No, no. They’ve got Michael Cera in, mate.

  • Soundtrack Revolution

    When you think of film soundtracks what sort of names do you come up with? John Williams? Danny Elfman? Ennio Morricone, maybe? Well get with the times, guys! It’s all about the pop-star built soundtrack these days. Directors seem to be head hunting big name musicians – ever looking to fill their time in between throwing TV’s out of windows and stealing your girlfriends – to take over the musical reins of their films. They’re doing pretty well too.