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  • The 10 worst movie sex scenes

    With Magic Mike out at cinemas and The Casserole Club on a DVD hopefully nowhere near you, our minds here at Best For Film Towers have turned to mush from all of the thrusting and grinding that we have seen going on. We wondered what we could do to calm everyone down and so bring you the 10 WORST sex scenes and cringe worthy sex moments in cinema history. The Casserole Club happily does not feature. It could take up all 10 places all by its cringy, kinky self…Trust us.

  • The Casserole Club

    “Come here,” moans one of the female characters. “I have something I could show you”. Take it from me, what she has to show you is worse than what comes out of the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones. Shield your eyes, Best For Film followers! Before your face melts off your skull! Please can someone pass me something sharp so I can poke my eyes out? I think I saw a flash of flange…