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  • Friday Drinking Game #58 – Self Love

    After a long and challenging week it’s finally Friday. The weekend is nigh and it’s the perfect time to indulge in a good old drinking game. But this is not just any old drinking game. No. For this drinking game you’ll need to be as unflappable and calm as James Bond, because if not there’s a chance this could get a little out of hand.

  • Hall Pass

    The Farrelly Brothers don’t pull out any stops in this comedy about two men let off the marriage leash for a week. One or two laughs aside, there is not enough genuinely fresh material here to feed a mouse, with gags that feel like they’ve been dragged out of a dusty archive. And Stephen Merchant? Shame on you. Go back home and make us a new show to atone for this terrible decision.

  • Armored

    Whatever happened to Matt Dillon? He was going great guns in the ’90s with Wild Things and There’s Something About Mary, then dropped off the scene with the sort of speed usually reserved for people who, well, died. Turns out he’s now starring in this armoured-car heist thriller from competent (if b-grade) action maestro Nimrod Antal. Maybe he shouldn’t have bothered coming out of premature career retirement though – Armored is predictable, missable and forgettable, floundering in the wake of the action genre’s more intelligent January offerings.