Yearly Archives: 2012

  • London film events in January 2012

    January’s crap. But London’s good, isn’t it? And films are ACE. What better way to cope with January than by seeing loads of films in London? Exactly. Fortunately, there are loads of people who really, really want you to do this – so much so that they’re doing, like, festivals and everything! Suddenly January’s not so bad aft- oh god, it’s raining again.

  • The Artist

    A joyful, rich and eye-meltingly beautiful celebration of cinema, an homage to artistry throughout the ages and at its roots a love story, plain and simple – silent film The Artist is as close to perfect as we’re ever likely to get. It might be a little early to place this as the best film of 2012, but frankly, no-one could blame them for being quietly (very quietly) confident about the matter.

  • Orange(Wednesday)s and Lemons #52

    Oh my flipping flopping flange, the OWLs are a year old! This is momentous. We’d love to throw our weekly citrus opinion-fest a more fitting party, but unfortunately 2012 has so far been the year of totally crap films. Still, things are bound to pick up – and until they do, you need our help more than ever…