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  • Red Riding Hood

    Valerie (Seyfried) and woodcutter Peter are in love, but her parents want to marry her off to wealthier metal smith Henry (Irons). So far, so medieval romcom. But that’s not..

  • Sucker Punch

    I went into the cinema with an open mind, honestly hoping to naysay the haters. But right from the opening line: “Everyone has an angel”, I knew I was on..

  • Heartbeats

    Francis (Dolan) and Marie (Chokri) are close friends living in Montréal who meet Nicolas (Schneider) through a mutual friend at a dinner party. Both, despite claiming initial indifference, are intrigued..

  • 13 Assassins

    Hara-kiri was the ritual suicide performed in Japan by samurai as an alternative to disgrace or in protest against injustice. Highly ritualised, the method, otherwise known as seppuku, was self-disembowelment..