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  • Sinister

    Sinister is frustrating, in that it’s almost a brilliant horror movie. It’s still a very good one; darkly disturbing, well acted, effectively shot and – yes – scary, but ironically it’s the film’s attempts at distancing itself from the plethora of sub-par horrors that ends up damaging the final product. Still, if you’re after an hour and a half of intense psychological and supernatural terror, Sinister delivers an oppressively creepy atmosphere and some genuinely disturbing imagery.

  • Cheat Sheet: Steve Buscemi

    Steve Buscemi hasn’t had a major role in a big Hollywood film for a while, having been busy running the illegal liquor trade in 1920s Atlantic City on television’s Boardwalk Empire. He is, however, providing his distinctive vocals to this week’s release, Hotel Transylvania, voicing Wayne the werewolf. In light of this, what better time to remind everyone how great the world’s favourite Reservoir Dog is?

  • Holy Motors

    Holy Motors is an intensely weird, but visually stunning deconstruction of the art of acting, and of cinema in general. At least, we think that’s what it’s about. There are likely to be dozens of interpretations. Holy Motors is a unique and vivid experience; sure to be too weird, and too pretentious for some, nevertheless, Denis Levant’s astonishing lead performance is worth the experiment alone.