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  • Blood in the Mobile

    Your mobile phone is great for many reasons It keeps you amused with a flock of angry birds, allows you to feign conversation when that weirdo on the tube won’t stop yelling… and may be helping fund wars in Africa. Most of you have probably stumbled across the term ‘blood diamond’ before, but have you heard of ‘blood minerals’? And did you know that not a single mobile phone manufacturer can guarantee that the phones they sell are free from blood minerals? We thought not.

  • I Don’t Know How She Does It

    Welcome to the circus kiddies – you’re about to witness a whole lot of juggling. Because Kate has a job and (wait for it) A FAMILY (gasp). It’s the overdone dilemma of balancing a hectic work schedule alongside raising kids. How does she do it?! Prepare your poor ears for that exact sentence at least seven times.

  • Oslo, August 31st

    An intensely close analysis of the dooming consequences of drug abuse. Joachim Trier’s second directorial piece follows the suicidal path of a man who believes he has nothing left to live for. But can he be convinced otherwise?

  • Top 20 Action Films to see in 2012

    Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for an exhaustive year of EPIC action films. 2012 is the official year of explosive sequels, daring superheroes and hardcore fairy tales. Just make sure you have an oxygen tank nearby.

  • Cheat Sheet: Julianne Moore

    With over a staggering 50 movies tucked under that beautiful scarlet barnet, Julianne Moore is one of the most talented, varied, and genuinely lovely actresses in the world. But what on earth do we really know about her? Exactly, you selfish hounds. So, to celebrate the release of the genuinely lovely Crazy Stupid Love, we present our guide to Miss Moore…