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  • Blood Runs Cold

    Well, not scientifically speaking, unless you’re a lizard. But it will once this snow-lovin’ yeti gets his axe into you. Yep, they can use tools now. Power of evolution.

  • The Woman

    Tired of the regular run-of-the-mill sexual porn? Well why not come on down and try some gore porn? The Woman has LOTS of it. A feral woman living in the woods is captured by an All-American family to induct her into the ‘normal’ way of life. What could go wrong?

  • Cheat Sheet: Ben Wheatley

    You know that freaky-ass film that everyone’s on about at the moment? Kill List? Some guy filmed it. No, really. He’s filmed lots of other fun stuff too…like a TV series that apparently rivals the realm of The Mighty Boosh in the kookiness factor. Truly, madly, Wheatley.