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  • Angels of Evil (Vallanzasca – Gli Angeli Del Male)

    Here’s another one to add to the already overly saturated real-life Italian-gangster film pile we have festering in the corner. Angels of Evil is a biopic about Renato Vallanzasca; the legendary thief, kidnapper, gangster and fugitive from justice whose name still haunts the streets of Milan. Judging by director Michele Placido’s past work on the brilliant Romanzo Criminale, we assumed that this was going to be a doozy of a gangster flick. Instead we left the cinema a little deflated.

  • Mother’s Day

    Are you close to your mother? Well, if you are as close as this lot you may want to rethink your relationship. Willing to go to extremes at their mother’s bidding, a group of criminals invade an innocent couple’s home and indulge their psychotic whims.

  • Friday Drinking Game #12 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    You’ve made it through another long hard week. Your liver is just beginning to believe that it’s all going to be all right and that we learned our lesson last week. Little did it know… After a nostalgic root around the DVDs you come across a classic, one that all will remember. A beautiful old story – and what better way to enjoy a beautiful story than to watch it and drink until you’re blind. Crack open the whiskey and dive in!

  • Top Ten Sci-Fi Adaptations

    Since the dawn of cinema, it has become the standard for any successful novel to make the transition from text to film. This is something that many purists distain saying that it taints the original and eventually make it obsolete (despite the fact that a successful movie will, in almost all cases, raise sales on the original novel). Literary critique aside it has to be said that some of the best movies ever made are adaptations of novels, and as such we have compiled a top ten list of the best adaptations from Sci-Fi/ Fantasy literature to film.

  • Vidal Sassoon: The Movie

    Before Vidal Sassoon pioneered the wash-and-go style we all know and love, women would generally go to the salon once a week to have their hair tweaked and set. Vidal broke a generation of women free from these shackles and made them look fabulous while doing so – sure it’s a story that deserves to be story told, but a 90 minute interview seems a little indulgent.

  • Trackman

    Three men decide to make a quick getaway by using the tunnels underneath the city taking three hostages with them for collateral. They thought they were the bad guys. That is until the met Trackman…