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  • Everywhere and Nowhere

    Ash loves music and his tunes are brilliant (who knew bhangra drum and bass had such a large following). He dreams of one day breaking away from his oppressively traditional parents and DJing to massive crowds. His friends are all first generation British Asians and each are facing difficulty in juggling the two lifestyles they lead.

  • I Saw the Devil

    Another disturbing classic from some of the best known names in Korean cinema. I Saw the Devil starts screaming and finishes kicking. Kim Jee-woon has included everything from secret agents to cannibals and with terrifically bloody fight scenes, torture that would make the inmates of Guantanamo Bay writhe in fear and amazing performances all round this is not one to be missed.

  • Top films to see in June 2011

    It’s summer time and with it comes lots of French people, live action anime, beautiful documentaries, college kids doing what they do, screechy high school girls, fighting pandas and much much more. Excited? I know I am.