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  • Interview! We talk with Sugar Man director Malik Bendjelloul

    We were lucky enough to be invited over to the cosy environs of The Mercer in Covent Garden to sit down for a chat with Searching For Sugar Man director Malik Bendjelloul, in town to promote the DVD release of his documentary-feature debut. Spanning decades and continents, Searching For Sugar Man is a compellingly unusual story, and we wanted to know more about Bendjelloul’s experience with its unlikely star, the eternally sunglassed Rodriguez.

  • Searching For Sugar Man

    Releasing two classic albums in the early seventies to minor critical acclaim but non-existent commercial success in the US, reclusive singer-guitarist Rodriguez became something of a popular music myth. Examining his phenomenal popularity overseas and his music’s relative obscurity at home in the US, director Malik Bendjelloul goes in search of the story behind a man dubbed the ‘Mexican Bob Dylan.’

  • TGIM! Hot Tub Cinema

    Kicking off their winter season this week, Hot Tub Cinema is back with a vengeance. Keeping Londoners warm and wet whilst screening classics old and new for our fleshy pleasure, Hot Tub Cinema stands alongside old favourites like Nomad and Secret Cinema as one of the capital’s foremost innovations of unusual nights at the pictures. What could be more enjoyable than spending the evening with your bits submerged in the close proximity of strangers? NOTHING. But is the idea simply too good to be true?

  • The Road: A Story of Life and Death

    Following the A5 as it winds eastward from Holyhead in Wales to London’s Marble Arch, Marc Isaacs’ The Road is an insight into immigrants who have adopted England’s capital as their home. Up close and personal, the picture that emerges is a bleak one. Its very nature defined by a state of flux, the road of Isaacs’ documentary seems to act as a point on the horizon as far from homes left behind as it is from those yet to be found.