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  • The Dardenne brothers

    You probably won’t have heard of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Maybe you vaguely recall them picking up a few awards at Cannes, but the filmmakers have somewhat flown under the radar of the international press. Here we celebrate the Belgian duo’s remarkable socio-realist films.

  • Sanctum 3D

    Thriller Sanctum 3D, produced by James Cameron will ensure that cave diving is swiftly crossed off your bucket list, in its tales of subterranean horror.

  • The Hunter

    Director Rafi Pitts chose himself as lead in a very biased bit of casting for The Hunter. Too bad it didn’t pay off, as his taciturn presence makes the potentially tense cat and mouse narrative drag.

  • Life Goes On

    This Indian drama deals with love and loss without the help of a Bollywood soundtrack. Whilst the tensions between British and Indian culture are interesting, some poor performances and overly sentimental flashbacks result in a grief that seems staged.

  • Cuckoo

    Tamsin Greig is the only high point in this mediocre thriller about a woman’s hallucinations.

  • The Fighter

    Boxing drama The Fighter stomps all over Million Dollar Baby in its epic portrayal of Micky Ward and his rise from Massachusetts nobody to WBU champion.