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  • Pacific Rim

    Guillermo Del Toro’s a bit of a cinematic oddity. One minute he’s making sinister Spanish folk tales like Pan’s Labyrinth or fantastic ghost stories like The Devil’s Backbone, the next he’s comfortably riding the Hollywood dollar with flashy action movies like Blade or Hellboy. So, how to approach Pacific Rim, his latest CGI-fest that could…

  • The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

    People have jams nowadays don’t they? Like, they don’t have interests or hobbies, they have jams? Don’t lie to me, I know it’s true, I’ve seen it on the Twitter – “so and so is my jam”, “this song is totally my JAM!” – yeah? Well, in the spirit of seeming up to date, Werner Herzog is most definitely my jam.

  • Back in Vue #1 – Little Shop of Horrors (Director’s Cut)

    Proving conclusively that they have our best interests at heart and are not just obsessed with forcing ridiculously large drinks and bloated Michael Bay films into our slack faces, the beautiful people at Vue have launched a new scheme which will put cult classic films back where they belong – on the big screen. The first film of the Back in Vue season is the Director’s Cut of fly-trap favourite Little Shop of Horrors – we sent Harry along to find out more…

  • A tribute to Minority Report

    Do you know what the world doesn’t have enough of? Passionate love letters to eleven-year-old sci-fi films, that’s what! Long-term BFFer Harry Harris sent us this blog at half one in the morning, which probably means he wrote it drunk – still, when you’re talking about the finest film to ever star Tom Cruise and some futuristic mittens there’s no other way to work. We present his very personal tribute to Minority Report.

  • In Defence of Robert Pattinson

    Every group needs a hate figure. In music, it’s the squeaky voiced sick-midget Justin Bieber, in Christianity it’s that scheming git Judas, and in film that hate figure has gradually become mop-haired vampire-face Robert Pattinson. But guys, c’mon! Don’t hate the player, hate the game! The game in this case being “make loadsa cash out of thick people-ball”. Pattinson’s not to blame, he’s just trying his best.

  • 5 More Films The Vatican Doesn’t Want You To See

    In the trailer for The Devil Inside the film rather proudly states that the Vatican did not give its endorsement. Well, neither did they endorse 21 Jump Street, but you don’t see them banging on about it do you? Anyway, perhaps they just weren’t fans of the movie. Big cinephile, The Pope, didn’t you know? Well, you will after reading his scathing critques of these other films the Vatican doesn’t want you to see.