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  • The fall and rise of the cinematic superhero

    Superhero films are big, big, BIG business, and the last decade’s worth of cinema has seen so many unitards and tooled leather boots I’m surprised it hasn’t run off to join the chorus line of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The days of the latest capering crusader being consigned to the 80s bargain bin alongside Surf Nazis Must Die! and Over-sexed Rugsuckers from Mars (both real titles – check them out or die unfulfilled) are long over.

  • Friday Face/Off: Hugh Grant

    Love him or hate him, everyone has an opinion on the floppy-haired casanova that is Hugh Grant. He certainly sparked a reaction from our writers here at Best for Film! Have a gander at our latest rantings/ravings and let us know which camp you fall into.

  • Sex and the City: DVD Review

    Whatever happened to SatC’s spark? The programme’s USP was originally its progressive approach to modern women with modern sex lives, but at what point did someone think that ‘Cynthia Nixon getting them out’ constituted a sociosexual statement?

  • Heartbreaker

    Generally speaking, romantic comedies fail to deliver on at least half their remit. So when you find a film which genuinely makes your heart ache as much as your stomach, it’s worth celebrating. Heartbreaker is just such a film.

  • Save our Independent Cinemas! This week: the Coronet Cinema

    Here at BFF, independent cinemas are what we’re all about. Who wants to pay £15 to visit a bland and mass-produced multiplex when you can search out an exciting and unique one-off venue? Not us, that’s who! So with that in mind, here’s the first in a series of features on our favourite independent cinemas. This week, it’s the jewel of the Notting Hill film scene: the lordly Coronet.

  • Sherlock Holmes: DVD Review

    Sherlock Holmes had so much potential. The Great Detective is deathless and compelling, and as sublimely paired with Doctor Watson as whiskey and getting dumped by text. Therefore, the obvious thing to do with this archetypal Englishman – reserved, clinical, supremely intelligent – is to hand his canon to a laddish director best known for marrying Madonna. Isn’t it?