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  • The Island President

    Argh! Climate change, we’re all gonna die! Well, actually some people in the Maldives might. Sorry to make it all gloomy but if, like me, you thought that climate change was just another thing happening in the world, then you should watch this; an insightful documentary about a man determined not to give in to the potential catastrophes of global warming.

  • A Man’s Story

    After following menswear designer Ozwald Boateng around for twelve years, you’d think that at the very least Varon Bonicos might have a good bit of fashion gossip to share with us. Sadly not. A slightly stuffy, rose-tinted documentary about an evidently talented man; though its grounding is in clothing creation it never quite manages to cut to the chase.

  • Sarah’s Key

    Based on the much-loved novel by Tatiana de Rosnay, Sarah’s Key is a French drama that swings between 1940s Paris and the modern day to weave the tale of a young Jewish girl persecuted in the Vel’ d’Hiv, and the woman who finds herself obsessed with her story.

  • Top 10 inanimate objects in film

    You never see a hard-working chair in the Hollywood credits, do you? Never doffed your cap to a really brilliant curtain, or a staggeringly talented knife? We celebrate the unsung heroes of the cinematic world: the inanimate objects that made their films iconic.

  • Outside The Law

    On paper, this film looks ruddy good. The story of three brothers torn apart by their part in the Algerian war for independence from French rule – it’s the sort of film that uses the words passion, destiny and tragedy in its promo, a lot. I like that – I’m all for having my heart ripped out and smashed up in front of me. However, despite the heart-breaking, tumultuous relationship between France and Algeria, this film lacks one of its advertised elements – passion.

  • Move over, Governator! Our top 5 superhero politicians

    If Arnold Schwarzenegger can turn his flirtation with politics into yet another superLAD role, why shouldn’t some of the luminaries of UK government do the same? We’ve come up with some of the most promising Parliamentarians and given them a comic book makeover; in their first public appearance, we’re proud to present the Westminster Wonders!

  • 3D or not 3D – that is the question

    What an incredible age we live in! Chemical-filled snacks are readily available on delivery at obscene hours of the morning, social networking has become a national sport and now we can even watch movies in three glorious dimensions. But with the great power of 3D comes great responsibility – so has anyone yet managed to rise up and use it to good effect? Or is it just about making an extra couple of quid per person at the cinema? So far it’s pretty much been the latter – but for every shocker there’s been one to come along and blow the rest out of the 3D piranha-infested waters…

  • Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

    Award-winning creative German genius Werner Herzog invites us to enjoy an exclusive look at the Paleolithic cave paintings of the Chauvet Cave in modern France. The only director who has been granted access to one of the most significant sites of prehistoric art in the world, Cave of Forgotten Dreams literally goes where film has never gone before. Perhaps even more excitingly, Herzog and his team seem to have finally found a justifiable reason for 3D cameras; the documentary film allows us to experience these 35,000 year old paintings in their full, contoured glory.