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  • Jack Murray

    Jack Murray

    I’m Jack. I write about film, television, football and clothes and I’m quite good at 5-a-side. At parties I change the topic of any conversation I’m involved in so that I can perform my 8/10 Woody Allen impression to strangers. Recently, I’ve noticed a distinct decline in the amount of parties I’m invited to.

  • Liam Rafferty

    Liam Rafferty

    A man with more hobbies than an ADHD suffering pensioner, I’m Liam. I hail from Glasgow and I have a taste for all things gory and blood filled. Not an actual physical taste of course, I’m not a cannibal. Although, if I was, my bio (and dinner parties) would be far more interesting. My only…

  • Ryan Farrell

    Ryan Farrell

    Ryan’s relationship with cinema began aged 4, at a screening of Death Becomes Her in his native Glasgow. He has taken issue with Bruce Willis since. Ryan’s crowning achievement in life was being babysat by ‘Begbie from Trainspotting’ while his mum went to the shops. A lover of all things movie-related, Ryan will watch almost…

  • Daisy Buchanan

    Daisy Buchanan

    Daisy Buchanan is a columnist and features writer covering arts, entertainment and women’s issues. She’s the author of The Wickedly Unofficial Guide To Made In Chelsea. Best For Film stole this bio off her Guardian profile, so she MUST be proper.

  • Alexander Penn

    Alexander Penn

    Journalist by trade, film-lover at heart. In between my Newspaper Journalism MA at City University, i’ve had reviews and features published in The Sun and on blogs all over the web. My favourite directors are Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, Sergio Leone and the Coen Brothers but all cinema is a joy. Most of the time.

  • Carl Anka

    Carl Anka

    I am the anti-renaissance man. A childhood moving from various child-minders and libraries while both my parents worked two jobs meant I was as much educated by Nintendo, Hollywood and Dahl than any in the flesh adult role model. An adolescence failing to grasp basic human interaction has left me a socially awkward creature relying on pop culture miscellanea to converse in, and internally rationalise, an increasingly confusing world. Because when the meek eventually do inherit the Earth, it’ll be those with encyclopedic knowledge of 80s movies, and those able to discuss feminist theory using the sitcom Friends, who will be elected to positions of power. In short, while you were out doing meaningful things with your life, I was at home, watching TV.

  • fairuzani yukawae

    fairuzani yukawae

    My name as above. I m born on 05 jun 1972 at Terengganu State one of part in Malaysia countfy. I haven one wife and three children. Also become one girl as my future fwife. I m w9rking at Immigration Department. My job title as Deputy Assistann Director of Iimmigration. tq

  • Phoebe Fitzroy

    Phoebe Fitzroy

    Phoebe chewed her way out of the womb twenty-something years ago and it’s been downhill ever since. She lives in London where she writes words, drinks beer, and becomes more like Daisy Steiner each day. She has a degree in film, but believes human artistic endeavour peaked with The O.C.’s second season. Her favourite film…