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  • Cheat Sheet: Danny Boyle

    Hurrah for knowledge-based lies! Beginning today, we’ll be giving you a weekly low-down on a cinematic figure you really should know your way around. After all, not only does epic film know-how make you a better person, but it improves your blood-pressure, freshens your clothes and makes you irresistible to foxy humans of your preferred gender. This week: Danny Boyle.

  • Cheat Sheet: Hong Sangsoo

    Here at Best For Film, we’re dedicated to making your brain shinier. Sure, movies are fun, Leonardo DiCaprio is smouldering and Katherine Heigl MUST STOP, but pssht, these are things everyone knows! Where’s the pretentious joy to be had in that? In our Cheat Sheet series, we’ll be introducing you to fantastic films, people and genres you wouldn’t necessarily hear about on other, less winsome film sites. Why? Partially because we feel it’s important we celebrate the lesser-known, weird and brilliant films that our wide and bumpy world has to offer. And partially because chicks dig you if you talk all clever. First up? Korean director Hong Sangsoo.