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  • Have Remakes Lost the Plot?

    The remake of The Karate Kid is coming out soon and I’m scared. I have visions of myself coming out of the screen a broken woman, feebly humming Joe Esposito’s You’re the Best to myself. The horror of seeing a much loved film pillaged by grasping Hollywood producers is traumatic enough to merit the forming of some sort of support group.

  • The fall and rise of the cinematic superhero

    Superhero films are big, big, BIG business, and the last decade’s worth of cinema has seen so many unitards and tooled leather boots I’m surprised it hasn’t run off to join the chorus line of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The days of the latest capering crusader being consigned to the 80s bargain bin alongside Surf Nazis Must Die! and Over-sexed Rugsuckers from Mars (both real titles – check them out or die unfulfilled) are long over.

  • Friday Face/Off: Hugh Grant

    Love him or hate him, everyone has an opinion on the floppy-haired casanova that is Hugh Grant. He certainly sparked a reaction from our writers here at Best for Film! Have a gander at our latest rantings/ravings and let us know which camp you fall into.

  • If Action Movies Were Real (A Slough Exposé)

    8pm. The building stood, tall and proud, like a glistening erection against the rain. I sighed, tonight was going to be long. Long and hard, like an glistening erection against the rain. Beside me, Carter whispered something about not using the word “erection” so loudly and often in a hostage siuation. I smiled. This kid had a lot to learn.

  • Extra! Extra! The World of the Film Extra…

    Picture a day on the set of a big-budget Hollywood film. The scene comprises pimped-out trailers peopled with an entourage of lovies. You have make-up artists and busybodies loading dressing tables with edible gold leaf (low cal, obv) and Peruvian mineral water chilled at exactly 1.5 degrees, not to mention L.A.’s most sought after spray-tanner contouring in washboard abs on some screen starlet’s 14” waist. Okay, now exit the trailer and look to your right…

  • Save our Independent Cinemas! This week: the Coronet Cinema

    Here at BFF, independent cinemas are what we’re all about. Who wants to pay £15 to visit a bland and mass-produced multiplex when you can search out an exciting and unique one-off venue? Not us, that’s who! So with that in mind, here’s the first in a series of features on our favourite independent cinemas. This week, it’s the jewel of the Notting Hill film scene: the lordly Coronet.

  • Independent Cinemas Unite

    It’s time we had a re-think about the cinemas we visit. There’s never been a better time to support our local independent cinemas, and start hitting the corporate big dogs with bats made of pure not-going-to-see-them. We want you to tell us about your local independent screens – let the revolution commence!

  • Sex And The City 2: Reviews so far

    We all know by now that the new Sex And The City film hasn’t exactly reached the dizzying heights of success the ladies are used to. In fact, it seems more like the only thing keeping Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha from falling face-down into the shit-storm of media hate is their glistening high heels. Judging by the reviews so far it seems like it’s not only boring, and patronising, but also more racist than a ticking gollywog. Brilliant stuff. Well done everyone. But what are the critics actually saying?

  • How To Know If You’re Watching A Terrible Movie

    Everyone loves a good movie. There’s nothing better than sitting in the cinema with a loved one or close friend and enjoying two hours of quality celluloid entertainment. However, not every movie out there is good. Sometimes movies, even ones that have a great director and looked really cool in the trailers, can end up being bad. Very, very bad. But how can you be sure that you’re watching a terrible movie? Well my friend, here are 5 things to look out for!

  • Top 10 Film Outtakes, Bloopers and Mistakes

    Hollywood is big business. They spend millions producing top notch blockbuster films, paying big Hollywood stars huge salaries to star in their movies and creating the most impressive CGI effects, all to get us through the door and part with our cash. However, despite all this, we here at Best for Film (just like a MasterCard advert) like nothing more than to pedantically pick out all their mistakes. Priceless! So here is our collection of the best and worst outtakes and bloopers and mistakes in movies.