Articles Posted in the " Sci-Fi " Category

  • One Life

    Daniel Craig goes all Doctor Doolittle in this fun little documentary that tries to convince us that, deep down,we’re not so different from the animals. Actually, as it turns out,that only applies to Daniel Craig.

  • Panic Button

    What would happen if the creators of Catfish, Doctor Who and Saw all got together, downed a few pints and then decided to make a film? Why, you’d get Panic Button of course!

  • Without a Home

    A lovely lady and her video camera go round the streets of LA and follow the lives of a half dozen homeless across the course of a few years. Hilarity ensues. Wait, it doesn’t? Oh, you mean it’s actually quite depressing? Also a bit uplifting? Well, that sounds worth a watch.

  • Deadtime Stories Volume 1

    George A. Romero, Godfather of living dead men and big, bad rep behind Night, Day and Dawn of zombie cinema is probably Deadtime Stories‘ sole draw-card, and no doubt the only thing to compel any compos mentis horror fan to suffer through its bore/gorefest ridiculousness.

  • In Time

    In Time is any studio exec’s dream. High-concept but easily simplified sci-fi, PLUS a distinctly un-futuristic set with just one really memorable visual tag which can be dragged out for all the posters, PLUS a plot point which means you can literally cast Olivia Wilde as Justin Timberlake’s mum? Gold, all of it. And the amazing thing is, In Time could have had all these and still been good. Unfortunately, twelve thousand temporal puns do not a watchable film make.

  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

    Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are the two most adorable hillbillies ever to buy a dilapidated summer home and then be attacked by a group of perky college kids who believe them to be psycho killers. Funny, touching, gruesome, quirky: if you’ve ever loved us, WATCH THIS MOVIE AND SPREAD THE LOVE.

  • Deep Winter

    The wait is over. The moment has finally come. A ski film starring Michael Madsen, Kellan Lutz AND Luke Goss. Well, actually the moment came three years ago, but whatever. The real question is, what is Luke Goss of Eighties band Bros fame doing in this film? And why do people have names like ‘Kellan Lutz’?

  • RA. One

    ‘Wait. What? What is, what is going on? Is that a robot? Oh. Hang on. They’re dancing now. And singing! Where did those ladies in bikinis come from? Oh my god! Is he – is he dead? This is so sad! And touching and – wait. Intermission?’ My brain, the whole way through this film.

  • Missing Pieces

    Strange, romantic, thoughtful, touching and creepy all at once, this indie oddity from first-time filmmaker Kenton Bartlett was made on a shoestring budget but – one dodgy blonde wig aside – it doesn’t show.

  • A Film with Me in It

    Mark Doherty and Dylan Moran teaming up to try and deal with a house determined to frame them for murder? Yes, please! A farce so dark it’s like a black hole put on some sunglasses because it was hungover. Hungover on Guinness.