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“Its privileged glimpse deep into unfamiliar spiritual territory has the strength of revelation” – Los Angeles Times

The beauty and splendour of Nepal is the breathtaking backdrop for this inspirational life affirming story. After his master dies, novice monk Tenzin Zopa embarks on a quest to find his reincarnation. His search leads him to a young boy who would appear to have all the attributes and disciplines of his master.

Can this child really be Lama Konchog reborn ? Only a perilous journey to visit the Dalai Lama can bring an answer…… The Buddhist concept of reincarnation, while both mysterious and enchanting, is difficult for most Westerners to grasp. Unmistaken Child explores the myths and legends that surrounds this belief in a beguiling, touching and even humorous experience.

Documentary filmmaker Nati Baratz follows the shy but devoted disciple of a deceased Tibetan master as he sets out in search of his reincarnated master under the direct orders of the Dalai Lama. In 2001, Lama Konchog passed away following 26 years of isolated meditation in a remote mountain cave. Upon Lama Konchog’s death, the Dalai Lama instructed his disciple Tenzin Zopa to venture out in search of his reincarnated master. But there is an urgency to Zopa’s quest, because should he fail to locate the ‘unmistaken child’ within the span of four short years, it will be too difficult to remove the boy from his parent’s care. As a seven-year-old boy, Zopa had willingly entered the service of Lama Konchog, faithfully remaining by his chosen master’s side for the next 21 years. When Lama Konchog died, Zopa was devastated. But while the prospect of finding his reincarnation is indeed a foreboding one, the loyal disciple is determined to succeed. With little more than dreams and whispers to guide him, Zopa sets out across lands that seemed to have been virtually untouched by civilization for an entire century. Later, when Tenzin comes across an apparent contender, he prepares to conduct the test that will confirm or deny the reincarnation.

Unmistaken Child will be available on DVD for the first time from 11th April 2011.

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1. Nepal
2. Liliput
3. Narnia


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Competition ends 06 May 2011

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