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When a British actor and his girlfriend are released by Chechen rebels after a failed ransom attempt, they enlist the aid of a Chechen captive and the Russian military to go back and wage all-out war on their captors. Raarrr! And we have 3 DVDs to give away!

Competition ends 17 March 2011

“Sudden, brutal and unconvetional… effective and spectacular” – The Digital Fix
“Impressive… Among the most talented, if not the most talented, voices in… decades.” – Cinema Strikes Back
“Mixes irony, broad humour and realistic action into a brew that packs a… punch” – VARIETY

war poster

War poster

Starring Harry Potter actor Ian Kelly, War (by acclaimed cult director Aleksei Balabnov) is an intense and uncompromising look at the brutal atrocities faced by captives during wartime. Expect a viewing experience that’s explosive and controversial as good people fight to see loved ones returned safely home.

The plot? While touring Georgia, a British actor and his girlfriend are captured by Chechen rebels along with several Russian captives – then they’re thrown into a hole and held to ransom. When the ransom fails to appear, the actor is released in order to raise cash in Britain. Upon his return, he meets a conscript who is also desperate to save another captive, and the two join forces. Enlisting the aid and muscle of the Russian military, the two head back to the village in Chechnya and wage a two-man assault that will soon become an all-out war! Yes, it’s mental. Fascinating and powerful stuff, though.

WAR [DVD] (BBFC 15) will be available on DVD (£7.99) from Palisades Tartan exclusively at Sainsbury’s on 21st February 2011.

Answer this simple question to enter…

Where do the Chechen rebels come from in War?

1. Chechnya (the clue’s in the name)
2. Hackney, London
3. West Dulwich, London


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Competition ends 17 March 2011

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