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Kung Fu sensation Donnie Yen stars as Ip Man, the wing chun grandmaster who taught Bruce Lee almost everything he knew. Wirefighting! Kung fu legends! We have 5 DVDs to give away!

Competition ends 29 March 2011

Kung Fu sensation, Donnie Yen, returns as martial arts legend, Ip Man, in the most anticipated martial arts movie event of the year.

‘Ip Man 2’ is a martial-arts sequel to the fantastic epic, ‘Ip Man’, which released in 2008. The sequel released to positive reviews and box-office success, making it one of the highest grossing Hong Kong features of 2010.

The movie continues to concentrate on the life of the martial artist, Ip Man (Grandmaster of Wing Chun) who was the real life Kung fu master of Bruce Lee.

Hong Kong film star Donnie Yen reprises his role as Ip Man in this semi-autobiographical sequel following the adventures of the grand master of Wing Chun.

The Sino-Japanese war has ended, and after defending his people with wushu, Ip escapes the wrath of the Japanese by fleeing to Foshan. Failing to find peace even in his own homeland, Ip relocates his family to Hong Kong in 1949. Once there, Ip opens his own wushu school and receives a ticket to a Western boxing competition. As tensions increase between locals and westerners, a kung fu competition is announced. Will this sort out racial tensions through the healing power of kung fu once and for all?

Ip Man 2 arrives on DVD and Blu-ray (including World Exclusive Special Features) on 7th March 2011, courtesy of Cine Asia. For more information on Cine Asia’s titles, visit

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1. Bruce Lee
2. Hong Kong Phooey
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Competition ends 29 March 2011

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